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Excellence:  We will present the highest quality musical and educational experience possible.

Education:  We will share our musical knowledge and talent to inform, inspire, and expand the awareness and appreciation of jazz music.

Community:  We will engage a diverse group of supporters whose shared love of jazz can build greater connections in our community

Discovery:  We will encourage the exploration of the many styles that form the rich heritage of jazz.

Creativity:  We will take an innovative approach to the presentation of jazz and foster its development as a living art form.


To present jazz performances, provide learning experiences, and create a supportive and rewarding environment for the development of musical talent.


To be a jazz orchestra recognized for excellence and an established part of the Winston-Salem arts community.


To celebrate and perpetuate the uniquely American art form of jazz.



Camel City Jazz Orchestra was founded in January 2012 to perform and cultivate jazz music in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and to serve as the community’s own professional big band. Our organization is dedicated to developing and promoting a vibrant jazz culture in Winston-Salem through performances and educational programs.



Rachel Barron

Heather Candelora

Joanne Davidson (Secretary)

Zack Davis

John Doyle (Chair)

Seth Frack

Matt Kosma

Tom McKim (Treasurer)

Jill Stricklin



Birdland ($1,000-$4,999)

John J. Doyle, Jr.

Matt Kosma & Jill Stricklin

Tom & Jane McKim

The McSwain Family Trust

Connie Quinn

Raffaldini Vineyards

Cotton Club ($500-$999)

Andrews Restaurant Group

Roberts & Judy Bass

Kevin & Rebecca Bender

William & Valerie Berger

Rick & Joanne Davidson

Suzanne Glass

Ron & Martha Lowry

The Millennium Center

Tom Mylet & Marianne Di Napoli-Mylet

Steven Sherrill

Savoy ($100 - $499)

Jamie Allbritten & Marilyn Taylor

Nina Amos

John & Hannah Appel

David Rea & Martha Apple

Brant & Betsy Armentrout

Reid & Lisa Ashe

John Austin

Dick & Rachel Barron

Doug Borwick & Julie Frye

Todd & Lora Buchwalter

Heather Candelora

Ken & Melanie Carlson

Phyllis Dunning

Mickey Flynn

Andy & Belinda Gerber

Goin’ Postal

Peter & Beth Juran

Bill & Lottie Kay

Andy & Melinda Knowles

Katie Kosma

Ron & Chase Law

Mark & Heather Leach

Leon & Jennifer Lenchik

Julia MacManus

Mike & Patti Moran

Joe and Susan Morris

Rick & Lois Moss

Ward Nichols

Mark & Amanda Norman

Emery & Marjorie Pike

Barbara Pilla

Todd Pittman & Kristine Sims

Barbara Raffaldini

David & Elizabeth Reid

Walter & Cindy Rothschild

Carl Sanders

Andrew Stenhouse

Jim & Christine Toole

Washington Perk & Provisions

Blue Note (Up to $100)

Hunter Atkins

Vicky Auchincloss

Ann Barnett

Peter Hitchcock

Thomas Jenkins

Robert Jolly & Lois Koufman

Joseph Pisano & Julia Turner

David Rice

Todd Weatherly & Beth Russo

This list reflects contributions received 1/1/22 -2/8/23. If your name was misspelled or omitted, please accept our apologies and inform us of our error.

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